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A Womb what… You are going to do what to my what?!?!?


confused-woman-420x0I remember the first time I heard about “smoking the womb” with herbs, what so many now call vaginal steaming or a v-steam. I was reading a book “Sacred Woman” by Queen Afua in 2009 and healing myself from PCOS, sexual traumas, and low self-esteem. Queen Afua mentioned “smoking the womb with herbs”. I jokingly said to my sister who I was scheduled to visit soon, “When I get down there you are going to smoke my womb with herbs!” Her response with much laughter was “Oh #$% nah!” However, she did the next best thing and took me to a Korean spa where they gave me a hip bath. There I was, sitting naked next to a few other women, with a cape on me on a small wooden stool that was open at the bottom, feeling the heat of Korean herbs being steamed on my hoohah. I make light of the experience but it literally changed my life.Who knew that something so simple would be the catalyst for pulling me out of corporate America to launch my company, The Womb Sauna. On that day my cycle, which I had not seen in a year came down after only 20 minutes of vaginal steaming. I was so surprised that something so “out of the box” helped me. I loved the spa experience but I knew that I needed to find a way to experience vaginal steaming in a sacred, more intimate way, that allowed me to not only heal the physical imbalances in my womb, but the emotional and spiritual imbalances as well. So the journey began…

For two years I was in the lab designing the Womb Sauna kit which provides mobile vaginal steaming services. I also was in Earth’s Pharmacy creating herbal blends to use specifically for vaginal steaming. There was not a lot of public information available when I got started with this adventure. I had to dig deep within myself, pull on the resources of holistic and naturopathic practitioners that I worked with, study the wisdom of indigenous people, and most of all, learn to listen to my own womb speak. Alright, two years of practice had passed. I healed my own womb. I felt ready. I went on Vistaprint and printed my first 5×7 flyer, typed a resignation letter from my corporate job, and with fear and excitement began to approach women about sitting them on a chair that is open at the bottom and smoking their wombs with herbs. To my surprise, my little home office was flooded with women with fibroids, infertility, and more, ready to heal. 2011 was the year I launched The Womb Sauna for the public and within that first year I serviced hundreds of women and took the Womb Sauna to 15 states. By the end of 2013, The Womb Sauna had impacted 13 countries, empowering women with our services and education. Who knew that the world would be ready to receive The Womb Sauna and the intention and love that it brings to women’s lives?

There are many experiences that women can have with vaginal steaming. There are many methods now available. What every woman who has experienced The Womb Sauna is excited about is the impact that the experience has had on their lives. [Click here to learn more about The Womb Sauna Method of Vaginal Steaming] We sing together, pray together, chant, do yoni breathing, and women learn that the womb of their mind, body, and spirit, truly is their seat of creative power and holds the energy needed to manifest what is needed. I cannot say that all vaginal steam experiences are like this, but they all should be.

The Womb Sauna is trailblazing the movement to LET THE WOMB BE HEARD and not only relieve the physical symptoms of disease but help women identify the root cause of their diseases that may not be physical. Not only do women experience a vaginal steam in The Womb Sauna but we offer online education, vaginal steaming certifications, prayer calls, webinars, and Womb Sauna tours all throughout the world. When a woman heals, so does her household, her community and eventually, a nation.

The world is ready for your whole, complete, healed self. Today is a day, and yes, we can do a lot in one day. The first step to change is awareness and The Womb Sauna is just another tool available to help you heal yourself AND you ABSOLUTELY are powerful enough to heal yourself. You get to create the life you want to live and when you find yourself not living what you dream, it just may be time for you to pop a squat on The Womb Sauna pot! There is power in that squat and I am glad to be in a position to teach women about their power. If you know a woman, or are a woman, with fibroids, PCOS, infertility, painful menses, endometriosis, cervical disorders, endocrine disorders, etc. The Womb Sauna will help you heal yourself in mind, body, and spirit. We provide the vaginal steam service as well as 1 hour Womb Health Phone Consultations to help you identify the root cause of your disease. Call us today at 1-888-576-WOMB or book your session.

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