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Thema’s knowledge, wisdom, services and products have been such a blessing to so many people throughout the world! Her intention is always to activate the necessary actions in others to help them live their lives powerfully. As a result Thema and the Womb Sauna have been talked about in local newspapers in different cities, on radio shows, featured in Huffington Post, and all over the internet!

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Anonymous Testimonials


“Did ultrasound today, my fibroids are the size of raisins and my follicle on my left ovaries are 12 and my right follicle is 16! No cysts! I am sooo happy!” ~Atlanta, GA

“I had a bacterial vaginal infection for weeks that I could not get rid of. After 1 session in the womb sauna it cleared up the next day.” ~Hyattsville, MD

“I had sinus congestion and pain and drank 1 cup of your Mucous Detox tea before I went to bed and the next morning mucous was draining out and I had relief. And I thought your products were just for women but WOW men can use them too!” ~Washington, DC

“I have fibroids. My first session brought tears to my eyes and afterwards I had a lot of contractions and emotional relief. My second session was powerful too! The next day I had some light spotting. I know the fibroids are leaving this body!” ~Largo, MD

“THEMA!!!!!!!! I love you SOOOO much, sister! Like, seriously… You are SUCH a gifted “Womb Whisperer!” Who knew sitting on a pot could make you cry!!! Thank you. (P.S. – Still purging) Can’t wait until my next session!” ~Suitland, MD

“I used the herbs from your Smell of Heaven tea as a vaginal suppository today. Thema I have NEVER been this mellow at work. I had such peace throughout the day! Who knew?” ~Delaware

“The womb sauna is an outstanding, exceptional, unrivaled wholistic treatment that Thema offers by using natural herbs for healing. How do I know?… through self experience. The querulous source detached from my soul allowed my spirit man to strengthen, as hopeless impassive thoughts where purged through the womb. An experience I would highly recommend any woman to try at least once, but only with the sisterly, intimate, reverent presence that Thema gives.” ~Washington, DC

“Hello Thema, Your spirit and passion for womb healing left an impression on me. It was a divine encounter indeed.” ~Philadelphia, PA

“I am a woman in menopause and had severe hot flashes, the moodiness, feminine odor, and hormonal fluctuations. After 1 session with you those issues resolved within a couple of days! I must tell all the older women about the Womb Sauna because we need the experience too!” ~Capitol Heights, MD

“The Womb Sauna is such a powerful movement! You are an amazing coach!” ~Baltimore, MD

“Thema I took your advice and started drinking the red raspberry leaf tea. For the first time in my life my period surprised me because I had no pain! How can I get some of your teas?” ~Atlanta, GA

“Working with you in the Womb Sauna jumpstarted my rebirthing process! I am so thankful for you!” ~Landover, MD

“Prior to experiencing the Womb Sauna I had never had a direct conversation with my womb. After my first session she introduced herself to me. She is beautiful!” ~Forestville, MD

“I have a partial hysterectomy and no longer menstruate but have severe cramping every month. After 1 session with you the pain began to subside and I feel marvelous! Thank you!” ~Washington, DC

“I had an issue with excessive menstrual bleeding. I started drinking your Womb Goddess tea and the bleeding stopped. I must get some more!!!” ~Washington, DC

“I had a lot of pain in my womb and bloating in my stomach. I drank your Womb Goddess tea and in 20 minutes I felt my left ovary start jumping! Next thing I knew, an hour later, all the gas was coming out and my stomach went down. After being constipated for days I FINALLY got relief! The next day nothing but mucous was draining out of my sinuses. No more sinus congestion either! WOW! I have to get more of this tea!” ~Capitol Heights, MD

“I have not had a cycle for about 5 months. After drinking the Womb Goddess tea blend I started spotting in 1 DAY! And it tastes soooo good! Thank you Thema for the work you do!” ~Suitland, MD

“I have not had my cycle in almost a year. After my session I finally got peaceful sleep, woke up energized and positive, and have a clear action plan for healing myself! Thank you Queen!” ~Washington, DC

“I used to be fearful about my body and carried a lot of guilt and shame about my sexuality. After being in the Womb Sauna and listening to your coaching about breathing and releasing the past pain, I feel like a new woman. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR WOMEN!” ~Alexandria, VA

“I looooooooove your teas! You really can feal the impact within that first cup! Can’t wait to order more.” ~Cleveland, OH

“I’m a dude and was not sure what your teas could do for men. But after drinking your Mucous Detox tea for some time now, I decided to buy a bottle just to take to work to share with buddy’s that keep coughing and sneezing. I’m hoping men will realize that they need to detox too!” ~Capitol Heights, MD

“The Womb Sauna has done so many wonders for me. I have found my soul essence in each experience. It’s like my chance to fill the space that has felt so empty when I try to reach my depth. It’s been in my womb the whole time. And I Give Thanks to Olodumarre for bringing this experience and this sista Queen to my life! I give a loud testimony and say the Womb sauna has changed my life! I forgot about the most sacred of me .. but I have now been returned home.. eternally grateful!” ~Capitol Heights, MD

Everyone has an entry point to their healing whether it’s mental, physical, or spiritual, but at the finish line you MUST achieve balance between all three to truly be healed!