My relationships got better when I took ownership of my life

It’s hard to accept what is, when you are constantly blaming others for how you feel and behave. Your life is your own.

Your relationships are a reflection of your values and your self-care. If you need more nourishment, self-care offers it.

Remaining in a victim mindset keeps you in a psychological position of powerlessness. But you actually do have power, when you stop giving it to other people. Everytime you hold others responsible for your choices, your perspective, your feelings… you give them a leadership role in your life that they did not ask for.

Self-care is a magnet for healthy relationships.

There is so much power available to you when you take ownership for your choices. When you step outside of your trauma triangle, you realize there are no victims. You just needed a change in your life, one that is your responsibility to create.

Stop measuring how loved you are by people’s ability to handle the drama of your life.

I love you. Get your life in order. Some of the best demonstrations of love and support that I’ve received in times of deep transformations in my life, felt like abandonment. Just because you feel something doesn’t make it true.

I got angry when people believed that I could do for myself what I wanted them to do. I would push them away, then want them to push their way back into my process, just so I could pull away again.

I was misusing the time, energy, and presence of my support people, because I was not taking responsibility for my life.

If you’ve been praying for peace, you can create it when you are honest about the chaos you have created. To believe you can create peace but did not create the chaos, is delusional. You created the life you are living.

There is no healing without the truth. It’s time to be honest about your drama tactics,  how you push people away then expect them to be there, and how your communication skills lack when you are fighting to be held up, instead of standing up.

Change is inevitable. Progress is the result of good decisions. Something magical happens when you take ownership for your life.

You created everything in your life. That’s not something to be shameful about, it means you have the power to create what comes next.

The most peaceful things I’ve manifested were a result of my recognition that whatever I created, I can uncreate. It ALL begins and ends with me. When I set myself free, I experienced free relationships. I no longer created a narrative of abandonment. I became grateful that the people closest to me, kept my life in my hands.

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