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The Womb Sauna advocates and implements the biopsychosocial model of healthcare for every client. This is what allows our clients to have groundbreaking results i n ONE session.

You should read what clients share about their experiences.

Every client leaves a Womb Sauna experience knowing the root cause(s) of their imbalance(s) and where they need to do the majority of their healing work.

This saves our clients, time, frustration, unnecessary self-judgment, and money. When you work with a Certified Womb Sauna Practitioner  you stop “shooting in the dark” and get to root cause of what is happening within you that leads to disease in your body. The 1st step to change is awareness!

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Perfect health is consistent balance between your…


I believe in holistic care: healing disease from a holistic view of health and wellness by owning your healing process, knowing who you are, and being your authentic self. Modern american culture has developed systems to manage spirituality (i.e. church), health (i.e. synthetic drugs, psychiatry), and our bodies (i.e. expensive gyms and memberships). We learn to treat the symptoms but not deal with the root cause of the red flags (diseases, no peace, mental illness, fibroids, infertility, poverty…) our mind, body, and spirit alerts us to. When you only address one area of your health and neglect the others, you perpetuate disease in all three.

The Womb Sauna’s Holistic Approach

The Womb Sauna does not declare that our services or products will heal you. Instead our approach is to provide you with the tools to be empowered to heal yourself from ANY disease. YOU- in perfect balance between your mind, body, and spirit- is the missing piece to your puzzle! The Womb Sauna will activate, support, and celebrate your process of healing yourself!

Our services are integrated and designed to address all areas of your health: mind, body, and spirit. We incorporate this design in our business consulting services, empowerment coaching, and holistic healthcare services. Our products are also created, manufactured, and marketed with the intention of not only supporting the health of your body, but the health of your mind and spirit as well.