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Have YOU experienced the IMPACT of The Womb Sauna Vaginal Steaming experience? If not, we highly recommend that you allow the power of this movement to impact your life first

The Womb Sauna Practitioner training program offers a professional certification in the fast growing vaginal steaming industry. To be a certified Womb Sauna Practitioner is to become part of a movement that is teaching women how to heal everything from the inside out.

Womb Sauna Practitioners are the leading professionals in the industry due to our unique method of vaginal steaming that provides over 25 health benefits in one session and our mobile vaginal steaming kit that allows for our services to be provided in the most intimate environments. Our company has been influential in this industry paving the way for women to be empowered through this healing art long before reality TV brought vaginal steaming to the attention of many in the United States.

Take classes to learn our method of vaginal steaming, the most common herbs and other all natural tools used to support women’s optimal health, and bring The Womb Sauna experience to women in your area. All are welcome to apply for The Womb Sauna certification programs! We seek practitioners who are excited about The Womb Sauna brand and are ready to share our method of vaginal steaming with their community!

Program Qualifications:
What is included with your enrollment?
Certified Womb Sauna Practitioners receive:
Submission & Enrollment Guidelines

The Womb Sauna Certification Program is a structured self-paced course that on average, can be completed within 4 to 6 months. There are 3 phases to our training program. We provide complete flexibility of your pace, however, we do provide continuous feedback for each learning module to ensure you remain on track throughout your training.

In addition, review the Course Catalog to understand what courses must be completed for certification and what comes with each phase of training. The program is provided virtually. You can join class from your computer, tablets that support IE, Chrome, and Firefox browsers, or your mobile devices that support those browsers. It is required that the apprenticeship is completed for graduation. Students can purchase their kits while still in training, however, in order to service others in the community, one must first learn the craft and our method of vaginal steaming.

When can I start class?

Below are the steps taken for enrollment into this training program:

Once your tuition is received you will receive your Womb Sauna University Learning Portal login and password. If you are approved for our payment plan arrangement you will receive your login and password once you pay your flexpay payment plan enrollment fee.

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