Written February 21, 2012 at 8:06am

Chanting is an ancient practice that you can find in every spiritual viewpoint. To understand chanting one must understand the purpose of words. The basic definition of a chant is something that is spoken repeatedly with rhythm and insistence. Christians describe words as a sword that can create life or death. Kemetians practice speaking hesi. Buddhists chant. And on and on and on… Your WORDS are one of the most instrumental tools you have to create healing in your womb. If you ever need to know what you really think about your womb, listen to what you say about her, how you describe her, how you label her. As I ask women what their WombStory is, for some, you can recognize their “chant”. They have repeatedly, with solem tones, and sluggish rhythms, repeated a story of despair to themselves about their womb. Some have called this “playing the violins”. Well, I bring those memories to the forefront so they can release them, and then I also use my words and encourage the saddened woman to speak the Truth, which is also linked to her innermost desires. Those words of empowerment can cancel out the experiences of fear and turmoil. When you change the language, the perception must also change. I realized this truth when doctors labeled me as infertile. I took that label and owned it for a while. And while I owned it I perpetuated feelings of barrenness, fears of being childless, and anger at the idea that I was somehow victimized by having to go through this experience. Tua NTR [Praise the Creator] I did change the narrative. I began to call myself in-fertility! I defined in-fertility as the point in my life when I began to exercise my divine power to create a more fertile environment in my mind, body, and spirit. When I changed the label, I shifted my reality. It only took using different words to create peace and fertile results!
What words do you need to begin to speak to change your mind? What do you need to say to yourself about yourself? Speak the Truth at all times. Allow your mouth to be a vehicle of healing for your womb. Be conscious of how powerful your words are. You can start by saying “I AM HEALED!” Incorporate chanting into your daily routine. Start with 5 minutes and build from there. Your words are a gift for your present experience. Don’t turn them into a curse. Be peace, spread love, and celebrate the process of transformation!

Chanting for Womb Wellness