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Your Ancestors & Your Womb Work

ancestors dancing March 10, 2013 at 9:59am– As I sat on this beautiful cruise ship last night, I began to recall my grandmother’s fabulous salmon cakes and how I much I missed her physical presence in my life. And my soul began to connect with her spirit. My grandmother was a strong, wise, and compassionate woman. As I began to feel her spiritual presence wrap me in love and peace, my womb began to tingle with joy.

In doing your womb healing work, one must understand part of your WombStory includes where you have come from: the fabric of the women in your lineage. What legacy have they given you? What memories do you have? What generational tendencies from your ancestors are playing out in your WombStory without your knowledge?

Being able to answer these questions allows you to redefine your current experience and understand how the energy of your ancestors affects your mindset and choices. I always tell my clients that my truth is that the only thing that is hereditary is behavior. If you eat like big momma and them, stress like momma and poppa, live the same kind of lifestyle and hold the same value system, yes you will have the same experiences of diabetes, cancers, depression, and more. The human body is magnificent in combating ailments and re-creating itself, many times its our behaviors that stagnate the healing process or mimic the experiences of our family members.

Momma’s WombStory does not have to be your WombStory. The cycles of sexual abuse and surgeries do not have to be your WombStory. There is work you can do to disconnect from unhealthy generational cycles in your ancestry as well as receive the positive generational cycles as well.

Remember, it all begins and ends with you! So let’s talk about your womb work as it relates to your ancestors.

#1-As much as we love our ancestors, all of them did not have it together. 🙂 So you want to align with the vibrations of your ancestors that have the light qualities and characteristics you desire to have and invoke in your life. For example, every time I re-create my grandmother’s salmon cake recipe I bring her ashay into my kitchen, the love and compassion that she would put in her foods. Depending on your cultural and spiritual views, you can have a variety of ways of choosing to align with your ancestors. Some pour libations, have sacred space dedicated to their ancestors in their homes, cook meals dedicated to their ancestors, or simply talk to them. Interview the elders in your family and learn as much about your lineage as you can because as you do, you learn more about what’s in you and you NEED that information. Incorporating rituals for your ancestors will invite their wisdom and love into your life! To be absent from the body it to be in the vastness of the Divine. Our ancestors are ever present!

Ancestral Work for Your Womb

Infertility, womb dis-ease, and emotional unrest is sometimes rooted in unresolved ancestral issues. This is often revealed through divination or prophetic revelation or many women get spiritual visitations from ancestors who want to bring revelation. So many people think they are crazy when they don’t have enough information about the spirit realm until their paths cross with someone with that spiritual knowledge. You aren’t crazy! Your intuition is attuning to a message from the spirit realm. Start in your comfort zone as you choose to understand ancestral work.

I’ve had many clients who were unable to conceive or have a healthy pregnancy, do spiritual work in relation to generational ancestral cycles and overcome those challenges. I’ve had clients with menstrual cycle blockages, depression, and prolapsed wombs all start to reverse those conditions by doing some ancestral work. Remember, The Womb Sauna’s approach is holistic and everyone has their own entry point into their healing process. Some have more emotional work to do, more spiritual work, etc. However, at the finish line is balance between it all: mind, body, and spirit.

So here’s a very basic approach to attuning to your ancestors of love, power, and light to assist you with womb healing work:

Go to your sacred space and begin to ground by taking several deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. When you feel relaxed and calm, start your ritual with a prayer. An example of one you can use is “Divine I give honor and gratitude for the opportunity to learn about myself by learning more about my ancestors. I ask for wisdom, information, and love in this space! I acknowledge the strength, the love, the wisdom, etc…. of (call out names and qualities of your ancestors) It is with honor and respect that I take this moment to acknowledge my ancestors (and if you are comfortable you can add “and ask for their assistance”) Be comfortable with articulating your need for womb healing and help. If you want to know if whatever imbalances are present in your womb are related to a need for ancestral work, ask. And then ask what needs to be done to change your experience.
Be still and attune to what Spirit has to say. Record your experience in a journal and enjoy reflecting and engaging with your heritage. There are times when you may need assistance to resolve your ancestral cycles in your life. Their are plenty of resources for this work in various spiritual communities and priests, priestesses, pastors, etc. are great resources to engage If the message comes to you to seek help or guidance.
Close out by ending the experience with a “Thank you, may this space remain in peace and stillness until I return to it.” You can also use the coolness of water on the top of your head or a bell to keep you grounded and allow your spirit to rest from your experience.
Alright power people! Be blessed and connect to your heritage! Much love!

Thema Azize Serwa
The Womb Sauna

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