warding mirror

Womb mirror work is just another way of affirming how beautiful and whole you are as a woman. This practice is for your self-edification and acceptance. A mirror in its basic definition is a looking glass or object that reflects light or sound. Many ancient civilizations would use mirrors for scrying or doing sacred work. There is a Buddhist belief that negative spirits will enter houses through the door if they have triangular-shaped roofs. Hanging a small circular mirror in front of the door will prevent the bad spirits from entering. There are tons of cultural traditions about using mirrors for sacred purposes as well as healing.

I just finished a powerful womb mirror work session where I took a beautiful Maat hand mirror that I consecrated specifically for this purpose and spent some time looking at and into my womb. I elevated my legs, made sure the lighting was great and even after having done this many times, pushed passed my inner apprehensions about what I was doing. As a child I had no issues with exploring my body and here I am fully grown being shy with my own gorgeousness.
Many of us are still mastering spending quality time just talking and meditating with our wombs. How often do you actually grab a hand mirror and look at and into your womb? Admire her beauty? Know when something is a little different? Pay attention to her scent, texture, and what is coming out of her? I work with many conservative women and I in no way want women to feel intimated by mirror work. But the importance of knowing your own body, especially at this basic level, is necessary and empowering. So ladies…go buy your special hand mirrors and get a good long glimpse of your sacred seat! Peace!

Yours Truly,

Thema Azize Serwa, Womb Sauna Practitioner

The Power of Womb Mirror Work