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Using TIME as Medicine

clock When we were born we did not have to consciously tell our organs how to function. We knew how to deep breathe. We knew when to stop eating because our little bodies would simply spit up any additional milk not needed. We knew how to follow our NATURAL RHYTHM. Then we grow up…

I remember the days of being outside of the alternative medicine mindset and community. All I had to rely on was the information I had and one thing I was sure about was my faith! I had unashamedly, unwavering faith in the Creator to heal, supply, and rejuvenate everything in my life even when I did not know how to take care of things in my life. I still know that no matter how educated and empowered I become with alternative medicine, it is the Divine who supports the process! And the blessing is I am now more aware of how I can participate in the Creator’s design for this body and my life!

It is easy to find faults in ourselves when we transition into the alternative medicine arena and become more aware of what foods we should eat, how we should exercise, the law of attraction, how the womb works, herbal remedies, etc. Your journey of healing is not about only what YOU know, but you are recircuiting communication within your body systems. You must understand that what starts the healing process is your intention and your body will IMMEDIATELY begin to respond to that! When you become guilty and beat yourself up over the details of how you are healing yourself everyday, you do your body and life a disservice. Guilt is a leading mental cause of dis-eases in the womb!

Let time heal your body! Understand that rejuvenating your body does not have to be drawn out but its not a microwave process either! Sometimes TIME is your greatest medicine BECAUSE once you flick the internal switch on that tells your body its time to heal, your body is so MAGNIFICENTLY designed that it will do the rest! I know it can feel empowering to say your healing is ALL in your hands, but you must know the DIVINE CREATOR is always involved! Have faith in your process! Stop clocking yourself and creating unnecessary pressure on yourself. You are healing! Go with the flow of your healing! Enjoy being rejuvenated! Appreciate the process! Have faith in the process! All is well!

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