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Keep Your Heart Open

When we encounter disappointment after opening up our hearts to someone it can be tempting to shut down emotionally, create unhealthy anger, lower our expectations, dream smaller dreams, and become resentful about the experience. But when we can step outside of the paradigm of “right or wrong” and let every experience serve us for our highest good, we can become Masters of our emotions.

When we find ourselves livid at someone else, many times we are subconsciously angry at ourselves. Thoughts like “I should’ve, could’ve, would’ve…” run through our minds and we harbor a vibration of self-judgment and often displace it on the person that triggered all the emotional chaos. It’s time to return to yourself. Another person to replace the person that just left is not a solution, it is a distraction. And no

Its-easy-to-be-lonelymatter how many times the people change but the same issues resurface, you are the common denominator and the lessons never leave until they are mastered. Cussing the person out who has offended you will feel good for the moment but that’s not the solution either. Go deeper.

What is this experience here to teach you? How can you process your pain and anger without declaring love as hopeless? How can you move on in your life without feeling foolish, worthless, or bitter? In the wee hours of the morning I encourage you, while reflecting on my own deep rooted pains of loving with all that I have in me, only to discover that’s still not satisfying enough. I have learned that my soul will never let me remain in bliss with someone I am giving too much away to and who is not doing their own work to evolve them self. Its painful to go into an experience wide open only to be disappointed; your ego tells you that what you came in with was not good enough and suddenly you are faced with learning how to keep your self-worth high and love on yourself unconditionally. The lesson most times is this: return to yourself. In all of our love encounters we must continue to honor ourselves and take care of ourselves first or the Universal principle of balance brings the lesson.

Your soul knows how to teach you how to get to your exalted place, your place of complete bliss and fulfillment; that place is within you. You can have it while in relationship or while being single but happiness and peace is an inward work. It will work when you work it. Keep your heart open and your peace in motion. Change is not always a “bad” thing. All endings to a relationship do not have to be grieved. When you find a way to transition in peace, you can learn to celebrate every experience in love as something that brought joy and greater wisdom. Let love flow in you and through you! Take some time to do the guided meditation below to balance your heart chakra. Blessings!

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