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How to Embrace ALL of Your Emotions without Judgment

Woman Looking in MirrorEvery day is an opportunity to create the life you want to live. Very often we encounter triggers in our daily life that pull up old emotions, fears, and traumas. The key to living more vibrantly entails creating what I call an Emotional Management System. Many of The Womb Sauna clients have this system as part of their regimen to support the vaginal steaming work we are doing. So what is this system?

Well, it’s more of a process than a system. First you must become aware of your emotions. So gone are the days of simply “sweeping things under the rug”, always saying casually that “you’re good” whenever someone asks you how you are doing. What is required as the first step to designing a healthy emotional management system, is transparency.

Are you brave enough to see yourself, the good, the bad, and everything in between, and declare yourself as faultless? What is so scary about your emotions that you ignore them, suppress them, and simply don’t address them?

Many times it’s fear that leads us as women to neglect our emotional health until our bodies get sick and scream dis-ease at us, and then, we FINALLY, begin to fight for our lives. However, fear is not the only culprit. Ignorance is the primary reason many of us have poor emotional health. Some of us have come from generations of people who did not have a high emotional IQ. Momma did not sit you down and tell you step by step how to process your anger, your pain, your heartbreak. Daddy, if even present, was often so consumed by work, that he was not emotionally available.  And by the time the elders, who had been on this planet long enough to learn the value of emotions, became comfortable within themselves in experiencing their own emotions, their time left on Earth was so short that some of us were too busy to pay attention or did not get enough time for it to leave the impression required for our own growth.

Well the good news is that the first step to change, is awareness. Secondly, the majority of the work is intention. What you will, is your power. And lastly, The Womb Sauna provides the accountability and flexibility needed to coach you through reconnecting with your emotional self first, and then creating your own Emotional Management System to allow you the freedom to be all of who you are with deep gratitude and self-acceptance.

Are you ready to decide, even right now, that YES I Am ready to feel and feel so deeply that it removes all fears of myself an the world that I live in? This may mean you will feel some pain, anger, sadness, or rage, but you will feel it with intention and have the tools to process what you feel in healthy ways. If you would like to have a custom made Emotional Management System that is a part of our Mind Empowerment Coaching program, simply book an hour 1-on-1 Mind Empowerment Coaching session by clicking here, and then make payment here.

Want to learn more about our Mind Empowerment Coaching?

Thema Azize Serwa created this program to help people embrace their thoughts and no longer battle them. Learn how to synchronize the functions of your mind to serve your highest good. Mind Empowerment Coaching differs from psychology and psychiatry in that we do not to focus on only the underlying factors of your emotions but the immediate goals in front of you and then design a plan to achieve them. Thema is a strong advocate of believing that your thoughts, emotions, environment, and behaviors play a significant role in your ability to obtain success and overall joy in your everyday living. What you think is what you get! Therefore the change you need starts on the inside! This 1 hour coaching session helps you master how to manifest what you need from the inside out.

Thema’s Commitment to You as Your 1-on-1 Mind Empowerment Coach

Our mind empowerment coaching program incorporates nourishing the mind, body, and spirit to enable people to make life transforming decisions that manifests their dreams. The foundation of this program is our knowledge in your ability to make the necessary decisions to bring you to your desired position by reprogramming your thought patterns. YOU fulfilling your dreams is OUR dream! Thema provides the framework for people to access information, resources, and people that will bridge the gap between their existing positions in life and where they want to be. The Womb Sauna approach to personal empowerment and mind transformation incorporates the biopsychosocial model (BPS). BPS is an approach to wellness that incorporates biological, psychological, and social factors as core parts of human functioning that can lead to supreme wellness or dis-ease within the mind and body. Many of you know this approach as the mind-body-spirit connection. Thema is a strong advocate of believing that your thoughts, emotions, environment, and behaviors play a significant role in your ability to obtain success and overall joy in your everyday living.

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