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How The Law of Reciprocity Showed Up in My Healing Journey

RevHigh Priestess Thema Azize Serwa Pioneer of The Womb Sauna

Reciprocity has become more of a priority for me throughout the years. It was my womb healing process that actually made me begin to go deep within myself to truly define and master how to apply the Law of Reciprocity. I have always been someone who shows up with my heart wide open. For the majority of my life, I was ok with giving too much away. I thought it was honorable. Hey we all make sacrifices for a greater good right? But what was the greater good in teaching people to be ok with receiving more than they give and returning for more?

So what does this have to do with the Law of Reciprocity? Well, let’s define that law first. This law has been framed in a social psychological construct that means: in response to friendly actions, people are frequently much nicer and much more cooperative than predicted by the self-interest model; conversely, in response to hostile actions they are frequently much more nasty and even brutal. This law has also been defined in a universal and etheric context, meaning that whatever is sent into the cosmos manifests in the physical world, similar to the principle of whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap. Well for me, personally, the Law of Reciprocity is divine order and balance and that’s the principle I am using to frame this conversation.

rip yourselfMy first glimpse of the importance of this law came through studying Maat, an ancient Kemet deity(principle) that embodies divine truth, order, balance, and fairness. When I needed to understand what was at the root of my physical illness, the first support I received from Spirit was Maat. By removing behaviors, thoughts, and values that created imbalance in my life, it made room for the things that would create balance. The fruit of reciprocity is peace, feelings of mutual respect, and giving and receiving.

When that first intuitive hit tells you that you are giving or receiving out of balance, the Law of Reciprocity is violated. Consistent violation of this universal law summons judgment or what we prefer to call accountability for how you have created your social interactions.

We teach the universe what we require to be held accountable for the imbalances in our lives. Some of us require physical illness, a nasty divorce, infertility, bankruptcy, and the list can go on. For me, I required complete exhaustion, unhealthy weight gain, depression, a divorce, relationship betrayals, poverty, and then…finally…something in me woke up. I made a decision to put my needs first, all the time, unapologetically. Finally, the pendulum began to swing back to the middle.

My next test showed up in business. I did not start this company with confidence. To the contrary I was terrified. I had no money, no willpower to stay in corporate America, and a pot, stool, herbs, and passion. Lo and behold, all along I had more than enough. But at that time, because I had not yet learned to trust myself, I created inequitable relationships in the marketplace. I lost thousands of dollars within my first launch because my pricing model reflected my insecurities. People used me, my vision, my energy, my resources, and in a very short time I became the person to watch before I was ready to be seen. And then…something in me woke up. I call it today, self-love! I began to leverage the Law of Reciprocity as the evidence of how much I love myself. If it is not mutually beneficial, balanced, in divine order, I reject it and reject it, lovingly without apology. I finally learned to give myself permission to accept and nurture experiences that flow in Maat. It took confidence, consistency, and practice. No became my favorite word. Protocols became my way of filtering my excitement about supposed opportunities and allowed me to qualify if what is presented to me is truly an opportunity. I learned to honor myself, first, so I can demonstrate how to honor others. You cannot give what you do not have.

The greatest misconception about applying the Law of Reciprocity is that someone’s decision to put them self first to create balance is selfish. I have heard the discussion that I don’t care where the blessing returns to me from, I know the universe is abundant. I tried that view and for many it works. I discovered that, for me, I do care where my blessings come from and I do accept and believe the universe is abundant. I give when my cup overflows. When I encounter someone who interacts with me only when their cup is empty and they need a refill I do care about that. I care about what is empty within them that makes them continue to seek something outside of themselves. I do not discount that and say, well I’m blessed so hey let me fill their cup. I want them to also be in a position to fill someone else’s cup. I want to see them access their power to have their own cup overflow as well. I also want to be interacting with others in a high vibration of abundance.

I have learned the difference between generosity, compassion, and enabling. The difference between these three concepts can be the difference between your peace and your inner turmoil.

There are times when the most empowering act I did for someone was told them no. That no returned them to themselves and allowed them to get their needs met from within.

The Womb Sauna has become a movement that is helping women in a variety of ways. Women in particular need to be ok with applying the Law of Reciprocity because when we do not, our wombs become heavy, hot, and our hearts slowly begin to close. To support women worldwide in being good to themselves, we are launching an online 6 Week Womb Healing Intensive! This 6 week Womb Healing Intensive is designed to AWAKEN your inner power and provide a structured way for you to master how to use it in a way that manifests the lifestyle you dream of. This experience will challenge all perceived obstacles, limitations, and energy of stagnation and procrastination that has kept you living patterns that do not serve you well any more. It is a sacred, intimate experience where you will be supported with love and the presence of other women who like you are ready for change.

Say YES to yourself before you give all of your yeses to others, only leaving no’s and “not enough time” for yourself. Dedicate 6 weeks to yourself to create the balance you need to transform your life and do it with accountability. Bring your life, your body, and your dreams into balance!

This experience includes:

-Daily Womb Meditations & Personal Nutritional Coaching
-Weekly Virtual Soul Development Gatherings
-A Digital Handbook for all Course Content
-3 1-on-1 Womb Health Coaching Sessions
-Connection to a community of powerful women and empowerment professionals

Program Outline:

-Week 1: The Portal of The Second Heart: Your Womb: the Reproductive System
-Week 2: The Portal of Safety & Security: the Breasts, Internal & External Vagina
-Week 3: The Portal of Expansiveness & Abundance: the Uterus
-Week 4: The Portal of Ancestral Power: the Ovaries
-Week 5: The Portal of Oneness: the Fallopian Tubes
-Week 6: The Portal of Self-Identity & Pleasure: Sexuality, Fertility, & Immaculate Conception

Click here to share our event invitation link for this upcoming 6 Week Womb Healing Intensive

You are worthy of your undivided attention. Retrain the Universe. Make decisions today that will apply the Law of Reciprocity and make room for balance in your health and your life. Chime in below and make a declaration of faith that today is your day to be good to yourself. And when practicing your truth, remember to be gentle with yourself. It takes practice, consistency, and commitment. In the end, you have been, and always will be, worth it!

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