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Get Certified as a Womb Sauna Vaginal Steaming Professional

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Vaginal steaming is taking America by storm! Reality TV has had a hand in that, giving more exposure to this ancient healing modality. This is an exciting time for this industry, reminiscent of the developing times of similar modalities like reiki, acupuncture, and the like. Ten to Fifteen years from now, vaginal steaming will have evolved as a valid healing tool for women’s health in alternative medicine. This presents amazing opportunities for empowerment health professionals.

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The Womb Sauna had adapted the ancient practice of vaginal steaming. Featured in the press and spoken about all over the internet, for the impact we are creating throughout the world, our company is interested most, in creating a tangible, measurable impact in the global womb crisis. We need more practitioners to do that. Too many women are suffering from fibroids, PCOS, infertility, endometriosis, and more and The Womb Sauna experience can help women heal and reverse these diseases.

The Womb Sauna Practitioner training program offers a professional certification in the fast growing vaginal steaming industry. Womb Sauna Practitioners are the leading professionals in the industry due to our unique method of vaginal steaming that provides over 25 health benefits in one session and our mobile vaginal steaming kit that allows for our services to be provided in the most intimate environments. Take classes to learn our method of vaginal steaming and bring The Womb Sauna experience to women in your area. All are welcome to apply for The Womb Sauna certification programs!

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Certified Womb Sauna Practitioners receive:
• Womb Sauna Resources & brand support
• Training in entrepreneurship
• Access to a global network of practitioners
• Discounted rates for Womb Sauna products & services
• The Womb Sauna system for designing your own Womb Sauna kit

Submission Guidelines

The Womb Sauna Certification Program is a structured self-paced course. Review the Course Catalog to understand what courses must be completed for certification. The program is provided virtually. It is required that the apprenticeship is completed for graduation. You can join class from your computer, ipads, or your mobile devices.

When can I start class?

Once your tuition is received you will receive your Womb Sauna University Learning Portal login and password. This is a structured self-paced curriculum. You have complete flexibility over when you attend class and how quickly you complete the coursework. Once you have paid for your program, you can start class.

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