Tresa Simmons


Photo of Tresa Simmons

Tresa Simmons is the founder and CEO of the Bohemian Goddess, LLC.  She provides holistic health services through her business The Womb Space:  Healing Nature’s Way (TWS:HNY).  For her, HEALTH IS WEALTH.

Tresa supports women in generational womb wellness and to connect with their bodies through sensuality and sacred sexuality.  As someone who endured sexual abuse at a young age, she is an advocate of releasing shame and changing that narrative to one that leads a woman to her freedom. 

Her organization Conversations With A Sister (CWAS) like a tree is rooted with towering branches.  A branch of CWAS is Conversations With A Sister:  Healing One Conversation At A Time (CWAS: HOCAAT).  This once a month talk show via the Zoom platform discusses issues that amplify the charge for women to live intentional and on purpose. In doing so, families, communities, and ultimately the healing of the planet is sped up because women honor their role as the womb, nurturing and creating all things. 

A second branch is CWAS Naughty, Nice, and Poetic Apparel (online boutique) is slated to open in May.  All pieces are created to open dialogue. 

The third branch is VOICES which stands for Voicing Our Integrity Choices and Expectations Successfully.  VOICES is a transformational sister circle with the intention of creating healthy women who promote sisterhood and healed women.                           

Tresa host the Blogging Corner.  Here her blog PUSSY (Pulsating Unadulterated Sacred Sensual Yearnings) CHRONICLES AS Medicine is featured.  She shows us how to rewrite the narrative of pain over pleasure.

Tresa’s creative side is honored through her organization Third Eye Rising of the Phoenix Production Company.  Here she performs her poetry under the Bohemian Goddess and looks forward to other creative adventures.

Known as the PLEASURE COACH and the PRIESTESS OF PLEASURE, she is open to speak to women.  Tresa is the author of the chapter “Getting to the Other Side of Happy” an anthology in the book EMPOWERPRENEURS.  She also has a book of poetry “FINALLY NAKED:  An Almost 60 Year Journey to Self Acceptance” due to be released in May.