Dr. Shawna Woodruff

Work 969 O’Kelly St. SE Conyers GA 30012 Work Phone: 678-487-WOMB (9662)Website: www.inherevolution.com


Photo of Dr. Shawna Woodruff

shawna-woodruffDr. Shawna Woodruff is a board certified chiropractor, nutrition response testing practitioner, reiki master and certified womb sauna practitioner. She is the owner and founder of Conyers Holistic Chiropractic & Nutrition, a holistic wellness center located in Conyers, Georgia and is the creator of InHER Evolution: A Woman’s Guide To Self-Discovery. In HER Evolution was born out of Dr. Woodruff’s desire to create a safe space providing transformative services that allow women to manifest change and healing in their lives through holistic health practices. It is her goal to create global awareness of the power women possess innately when there is proper balance of mind, body and spirit. Dr. Woodruff offers Womb Sauna Vaginal Steaming in several locations throughout the Atlanta area and is available for mobile sessions.