Pyasa Neko Siff

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Pyasa Neko Siff is a certified somatic sexologist, shamanic practitioner, ceremonialist, and the author of the Intimacy Adventure Playbook. She facilitates ceremonies, intimacy workshops and private sessions worldwide. Her purpose is to empower others to connect more deeply with their authentic self-expression through releasing non-beneficial conditioning and sexual traumas.


My professional work is a synthesis of my education, personal experience, intuition, and passion. My search for inner balance has inspired me to dedicate many years to self-healing and through this experience I’ve been able to strengthen my gifts and discover my work in the world as a sexual healer. My life has been an incredible journey; I’ve been blessed to meet and apprentice with many powerful teachers and healers, each has helped to refine me in their unique way, introducing me more to my self, the elements, and the gifts of plant medicine wisdom.

Certifications & Training

  • Licensed Massage Therapist, Hawaii
  • Somatic sexologist, certified by the State of California
  • Initiated as a 4th level healer in the Andean mystical tradition
  • Member of Oriental Bodywork Therapy Association
  • Sexual Shamanism with Kenneth Ray Stubbs
  • Facilitator of Sound/movement integration
  • Pelvic Heart Integration with Jack Painter
  • Sound Healer with Jonathan Goldman
  • Sivananda yoga teacher, Kerala India
  • Inner Radiance Chi Gong facilitator
  • Womb Sauna practitioner
  • Taoist and tantric studies
  • Fire walking instructor
  • Dowsing

Becoming a healer

In my early years I struggled with depression and an unhealthy sexuality, my dysfunction and lack of self-esteem led me into many disempowered situations during my teens and early 20’s. Just before my Saturn return, I contracted Lyme disease – a nasty and supposedly, incurable disease. I was disabled for years with arthritic pain, headaches, brain fog and fatigue. Looking back, I cannot say this experience was easy – initiations rarely are – but I can say, it was what delivered me onto a rewarding path of self-knowledge and sexual healing. What I discovered as I began my journey is that the symptoms of the Lyme were revealing to me the “dis-ease” I felt within. My inner knowing told me that if I wanted to heal – I needed to take a courageous and honest look at my past and my self. I explored many modalities of healing, working with not just my physical, but with my mental and emotional bodies as well. I dove deep into identifying and questioning my beliefs and early conditioning. I had lots of anger and grief to express in order to reconcile with my childhood, and then came learning how to accept and forgive. When I finally came ‘present time’ the dis-ease within me -and all symptoms of Lyme- was gone! To many, especially to doctors, this was unheard of. I had done my inner work and I had learned a great deal about trusting my intuition, self-expression, embodiment and the importance of integrating the body, mind and spirit for true healing. At present, I have been symptom free for over fifteen years and I can honestly say, the Lyme was a blessing; it brought awareness to my childhood wounding and sexual trauma and gave me a choice – I could ignore my repressed emotions and remain unwell or, I could face the situation head on with courage and an open heart. In choosing to heal I was gifted with a deep understanding of healing and with the compassion to support others in their healing process. My wisdom has been hard earned, what I offer my clients is not just learned knowledge, it comes from deep personal experience.