Leshandra Love


Photo of Leshandra Love

SEDU © is a Divine Feminine owned brand that specializes in the ultimate Kundalini care
experience. With years of knowledge and certifications SEDU provides healing for self and generational healing by first purifying the universe within your womb. SEDU’s signature yoni steam is a full self-care package targeting not only the physical body but also the spiritual, emotional, and mental bodies. Healing holds zero discrimination, whether you are in your early twenties or mid-sixties healing begins when you decide.

After which, she began steaming for self-healing, once aware of the healing properties she then extended her knowledge to become a Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator as she knew many women desired assistance.

Now experienced in healing and the wellness of the womb, Leshandra decided to further her knowledge by becoming a certified Womb Sauna Practitioner under the leadership of her mentor Thema Azize Serwa.

Leshandra Love soul mission is “Yoni steaming is my life purpose and my ministry and so I made a vow to help assist one womb-man at a time to heal mind, womb, body, and spirit. SEDU is Spiritual Empowerment of the Divine U and I love being able to help women heal their whole being and be empowered to be and live the best versions of who they are.”