Priestess Lashannon R Armistead

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Photo of Priestess Lashannon R Armistead

Lashannon R Armistead is a passionate and devoted Wholistic practitioner, whose life’s purpose is to
empower individuals to awaken to their true selves and unlock their full potential. A true seeker and
mystic, Lashannon has held a lifelong affinity for all things spiritual and metaphysical. Her profound
connection to the Divine, fortified by the wisdom and guidance of her elevated Ancestors, along with a
tapestry of deeply impactful life experiences, has set her on a transformative journey to discover ancient,
time-tested wellness therapies and the profound healing arts.
Through her own personal healing and profound transformative growth, it became abundantly clear that
every lesson and insight Lashannon has learned and gathered was a gift intended primarily for her own
self-realization. As an embodiment of Divine Love, she extends this same message to all those whom she
is Divinely assigned to guide, generously assisting individuals on their path to becoming the very Center
of their own Universe.
Lashannon dons many hats, each with a unique and vital role. She is Mother, Daughter, Sister, and Wife,
embodying the rich tapestry of human relationships. She is the Priestess, the Oracle, the Counselor, the
Spiritual Hygienist, and the Sacred Witness, guiding souls through their life journeys. Lashannon is a
Coach, a Healer, an Educator, a Student, a Novice, an Adept, and a Master, symbolizing her
ever-evolving commitment to learning and growth.
In Lashannon’s diverse array of roles, her extensive education and training shine brightly as:
● An Energy Healer and Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher
● A Spiritual Hygienist certified through Eternal Light Institute
● A Certified Global Sisterhood Sacred Facilitator
● A Certified Born To Transform Institute Life Coach
● A Certified Breathologist under Sekou Ayo Handy Kendi of Positive Energy Works
● A Professional Intuitive Psychic Advisor for Expert Link Inc
● A Certified Womb Sauna Practitioner
● An ordained Priestess of The Order of Melchizedek
Her work revolves around supporting her clients as they traverse the liminal space of transformation,
helping them transition from who they once were to who they are destined to become. Lashannon is the
creative visionary and the genius behind “The Spaces In Between,” a sacred sanctuary that provides
women with much-needed respite. Within this space, she offers mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual
nourishment, employing an array of modalities in the Healing Arts.
With unwavering devotion and boundless love, Lashannon stands as a guiding light, leading individuals
towards self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual growth. Her journey is a testament to the profound
impact of holistic healing and the enduring beauty of the human spirit’s transformation.