Deatria Harris, MBA

Work Washington District of Columbia United StatesWork Phone: 202-765-7264


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I inherited several names over the tenure of my life. I’m known as Lauren, Deatria, Dee Dee, Salima,
Makiasab and often times Ms. Dee. I was born and raised in Washington, DC. The name Makiasab
was given to me by my spiritual family which means to go within and meditate. Out of my numerous
meditations came “Makiasa’s Magical Womb Steam”. The root of my journey began with Queen Afua in 2018 where I enrolled in the Rights of Passage for Women as a Sacred Woman Practitioner
(SWP). This was my first real introduction and knowledge about the womb. Upon completion of my Sacred Woman Training I was on a mission of growth and expansion of everything that resonated with me. One day, my SiStar and I went to this full moon ritual that offered yoni steams. We both were excited because it was our first time getting one. We enjoyed it immensely. I was like WOW this is really nice, I’m going to buy me a stool and do this myself. So time passed by and I attended a one-day retreat on the 1st of January, the founder of the Womb Sauna University was one of the speakers
at this retreat. Once I heard her story, I was immediately drawn to learn how I can assist women on this journey. I enrolled in her course as a Womb Sauna Practitioner(WSP)and it was one of the greatest challenges I’ve experienced since graduate school.

Joining the Womb Sauna University taught me so much about my own womb and how I can assist other women on their journey in cleansing, detoxing and healing their womb. I was able to align many of the lessons from being a SWP with WSP. I learned the difference in getting just a typical yoni/womb steam and offering a full womb sauna steam that touches the mind, body and spirit and brings a tremendous amount of benefits to women. So here I am a “Certified Womb Sauna Practitioner” ready to align you with your MAGIC.