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csherell“Coaches are prepared and ready to help you with your lifestyle goals in a way that doctors are not. As a doctor, I prescribe a coach.” -Peter J. Weiss, MD FACP

My Personal Journey

Hi, my name is C’Sheriell. My personal journey for better health began more than 20 years ago. What motivated me was catching the flu every year during the height of flu season and having to take at least a week off from work. Challenged with constant headaches, depression, cramps, skin break-outs (especially when it was that time of the month), I knew there had to be a better way to live so I decided to finally take charge of my health and my life.
Many women today forget to put themselves on the to do list or don’t see the true value of putting themselves on their to do list, so they find themselves depleted and warn out which certainly does not help a woman with fibroid issues or other womb dis-ease such as being reproductive challenged, having painful periods, UTI’s, PCOS, endometriosis. When where chronically stressed out it may impede on the function of the limbic brain, which can disrupts the hormonal activity to the ovaries and the uterus, not to mention other UN-wise choices we make when were stress out such poor food choices.
This is my passion! Empowering women to see the value of self-nourishment and how together we can come of with a plan to support them to achieve optimal health and wellness which is their birth right! So I will often suggest a variety of alternative services & products to achieve not only optimal health & wellness goals but, how to maintain them

I began my quest by studying with holistic health advocates, Gary Null, Letha Haddey and others, from whom I took various courses in Health & Wellness. As a result, I fell in love with natural health alternatives and became passionate about teaching others these magnificent alternatives to achieving optimum health.

This decision led me to embrace a vegan lifestyle which has taken my health to another level of health & wellness and has opened many doors for me to improve the life of others.

My Education & Experience

Serious about providing quality service to my clients in the field of alternative health and medicine, I attended and graduated from multiple schools throughout the country.

I’m a graduate of International School of Skin and Nails, Atlanta GA where I studied Esthetics, Sanford Brown of Iselin, N.J. – Advance Massage Therapy, Life of Peace, Missouri City TX. – Natural Holistic Wellness Consultant, Life Line to Africa, Hollywood FL where I graduated as a Healthy Lifestyle Educator and most recently a graduate of Hilton Johnson Health Coaching Training out of Lauderdale by The Sea FL. and a Certified Womb Sauna Practitioner.

My career in Health & Wellness has allowed me to serve others and has provided me with some unique experiences and opportunities. One of these opportunities was my ability to satisfy my passion for travel while providing massage and facials working on a cruise ship at the beginning of my career .

My most memorable experience is when I was hired to provide chair massages for the Dr. Oz show audience and another time when I provided massage for the cast members of The Good Wife. I have even worked on a beautiful private island with amazingly beautiful homes and have provided services for elected officials and celebrities.

While all of that is fun and exciting, I have also worked in spas, health food stores and vitamin shops, anywhere to learn my craft and to serve those who seek better health where ever they may be.
As I stated above, my intention is to provide excellent service but my ultimate goal is to WOW my clients. In order to effectively accomplish both of these I get to know my clients on a deeper level so I can help them achieve health and beauty from the inside-out. My job is to serve you and together we help you achieve the greatest wealth in the world- GREAT HEALTH.