Charessa Freeman

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Charessa Freeman aka Tha Emotional Alchemist is a Mogul that dives deep into the emotional body and assist with bringing forgotten traumas to the forefront to be healed.
Since a very young age she would ask tons of questions in the pursuit to find why people do what they do. By the age of ten she took on the  assignment of finding natural alternatives to assist her mother to heal. On that journey of discovery to heal her mother she realized she needed healing and not just physically spirituality and mentally as well. With a myriad of natural healing modalities and medicines such as womb steaming, connecting with her womb, plant medicines and meditation. Charessa has healed herself from chronic depression, a crippling case of ezcema, irritable bowel syndrome and irregular menstrual bleeding. Through her time working with women in the maternity care field she assisted women in building a foundation for themselves. She has assisted over 70  mothers in birthing there babies and breastfeeding. A heart for women is the driving force for the energy she uses to serve. The realization and confirmation that she is spirit first and human second has lead her to focus on the emotional body and link those emotions to traumas and treating the root cause to gain empowerment! The mission is to be a witness to women and assist in building their foundation physically mentally and spiritually so that they may be empowered.