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Image may contain: 1 person, closeupMy name is Carmen Ortiz. I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am the oldest of eight children. My great grandmother was midwife and practice natural medicine.
I graduated from Hillsborough Community College (Tampa, FL) in 2005 where I studied English and started my Associate Degree in Science for Nursing, from the Womb Sauna University as Womb Sauna Practitioner  in 2017. I married Edwin Ortiz and we have four children: Andres my oldest son was in the United States Marines, and now is studying to become a Register Nurse.
I worked in the Behavioral Health Field for 10 years. (CBT License with the State of Florida) At the present moment, I work in the medical insurance industry conducting performance quality audits for governmental business. Most of my career has been spend in the Medical Industry. However, my interest in Natural Medicine born at a very short age, after learning from family members and great grand-
mother the importance and uses of natural medicine.
In addition to that I was born with the gift of being an empath, which I inherited from my great grandmother. My best of wisdom in vaginal steaming I receive from Thema Azize Serwa when she thought me the Womb Sauna vaginal steaming method.