Aset Maat


Photo of Aset Maat
Gwendolyn also known as Aset is a certified Womb Sauna Practitioner, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Aromatouch Therapist,Womb Wrap Detox Specialist and Certified Personal Care Yoni Steam Specialist.  Her interest in a more natural and holistic form of medicine and practice has now led her in the direction of women’s health and wellness. She speaks and works with women who are interested in learning how to keep their wombs healthy by giving them tools to take care of themselves and how to heal their mind body and spirit from a biopsychosocial approach.  The ability to assist with the complete female wellness along with educating women about how important it is to take care of the vagina/root chakra has been rewarding for Aset. This also gives her an opportunity to connect with other sisters who take their overall health seriously while watching them peel back the layers of their truth and the peacefulness and satisfaction of not being judged while also caring for the root chakra where life begins. Gwendolyn’s combination of certified education and personal experience provide a strong foundation for the kind of holistic approach to clients that Gwen feels is critical to good care – holistic care that considers not only the physical aspects of a client’s wellness, but the emotional and spiritual aspects as well. She believes that healing and wholeness are matters of body, mind, and spirit.