Dandelion is a powerful gift from Earth’s Pharmacy. Let’s not only acknowledge its potent healing abilities for the body, but the mind and spirit as well.

Many of us in the United Sdandelion-dresstates watch dandelion—often considered an irritating weed in our lawns— get sprayed with pesticides and up rooted from our yards. If only we understood how silly it is to throw away the very things provided for us in abundance to heal our minds, bodies, and spirits. So let’s talk about Dandelion…

Dandelion has been eaten for thousands of years throughout different parts of the world and in different cultures, especially indigenous cultures. Dandelion is a part of the daisy family, with a rosette of leaves, bright yellow flowers, heads of seeds, and stems. The word dandelion is Latin and translates into dens leonis, which in French translation means “lion’s tooth”. The French named it this because of the jagged shape of the leaves.

Dandelion has many parts that are used medicinally: the roots, leaves, seeds, and flowers. The part that is most often used for womb healing work, is the leaves and/or the root.  At a physical level, Dandelion helps a woman improve digestion, colon health, endocrine health, and reproductive health.  As dandelion cleanses and supports organs like the kidney, liver, and gallbladder women experience better hormonal harmony as excess estrogen and unnecessary sugars, toxins, and fats are released from the body. Women with abnormal growths in the womb often experience elimination of these growths when incorporating dandelion in their healing regimen.

Dandelion is a rich source of beta-carotene which our bodies convert into vitamin A. It is also rich in vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus. Dandelion provides B complex vitamins, trace minerals, organic sodium, and even vitamin D. Dandelion contains protein too, even more than spinach. Your body will thank you for feeding it dandelion!

But dandelion does much more than just nourishes your body. This powerful plant brings its own healing vibration in energy and spiritual form as well.  It is a plant that correlates with your solar plexus chakra energy, bringing bright yellow light energy as a message through its flowering head. It is a plant of strength that represents expansive growth, even in the face of a homeowner who does not appreciate its presence or a crowded city sidewalk that has one small crack for dandelion to get through. Dandelion grows in the unexpected places teaching that any perceived obstacles can be overcome. Dandelion teaches that the bitters make sweet. Dandelion brings a vibration that says love me, desire me, see me, I Am. Understanding the cosmic encoding of this powerful plant adds new meaning to using it as a healing tool.

So as you make your dandelion tea or greens, or boil its roots now you can invoke the energy of this plant. Speak your intention into your brew and ask this plant to bring that vibration of power, love, I Am here, I grow anywhere I need to, in any way I see fit.  Appreciate and honor that the Most High knew what you would need from Dandelion when it was made. Bless it, use it, and charge it with your power. This will amplify your detoxifying experience.

The Womb Sauna ™ is passionate about teaching wholistic detoxification and self-care. All of our herbs are studied and manufactured for you, not only for their healing benefit for your body, but the healing benefit for your mind and spirit as well. Dandelion is a great plant that we use in our vaginal steam services and product line because often times, the key to a woman’s healing is that woman knowing her power, knowing that she can grow in unexpected places, and yes she is seen, she is loved, and she is bright! Click here to browse our triple potency product line of herbs, gemstone essences, and flower essences. And for those of you who are ready to transform your life through a 7-day wholistic detoxing experience, click here.

Why is Dandelion such a great detoxifier for the WOMB?
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