Experience the power of the squat through a Womb Sauna experience! One session provides over 25 biopsychosocial health benefits. You will never be the same after this type of vaginal steam experience.

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What We Offer

The Womb Sauna provides several services, including our unique vaginal steam experience, to support all aspects of your healing journey and desire to remain healthy. We have certified practitioners all throughout the world and also travel with our services as well.

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Our bodies always know what to do with what comes from Earth’s Pharmacy. Shop our Certified Organic and wild harvested herbal product line with our unique Triple Potency blend of herbs, gemstone essences, and flower essences for an amazing medicinal effect on your mind, body, and spirit!

24/7 Online Health & Wellness Classes

24/7 Online Health & Wellness Classes

Are you looking for tools to help you maintain and create perfect health? Take one of our online classes to learn tools that will help you balance your mind, body, and spirit. Classes range from how to create your own

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What Our Clients Have To Say

I entered the Womb Sauna expecting some basic relaxation, and left feeling refreshed, renewed, and reawakened. The messages from that day still resonate with me. It is truly a powerful experience to come face to face with your womb and have her express herself. Thank you, Thema, for sharing this Ancestral gift with women everywhere.

Priestess Nuit, Raha Reiki -

What can I say about The Womb Sauna without writing for hours? It has added to who I am as a woman, removed some emotional residue I didn't know existed and inspired me to OWN all of my femininity. Thema is full of love, wisdom, passion, & fully committed to healing as many women as she womb at a time! I highly recommend this experience for women on their journey to wholeness!

Elder Vikki Kennedy - Girl Talk Unplugged

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