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Angelic blend of frankincense & myrrh, herbs, and gemstone and flower essences to elevate your vibrations, balance your mind, body, and spirit, & cultivate your womb balance! Supports the endocrine and reproductive systems, cleanses the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys, and restores a balance communication between hormones, glands, and organs. Also, this blend is a uterine tonic.

Metaphysical Healing Properties from Gemstone and Flower Essences:

-Infused with Bloodstone, Bog, Devils' Club, Diopside, Emerald, Grove, Sandwort, Ladies' Mantle, Northern Lady's Slipper-

Harmonize heart forces, opens & clears communication in 5th chakra, clears communication between hearing & knowing, & grounds lower chakras & removes emotional congestion in lower chakras. Supports creating & nurturing a sacred space in one’s life & body, especially during conception & pregnancy. Assists mother & child in clearing ambivalence about being on earth. Supports grounding one’s spirit through earth energy while healing traumas that may have occurred with your birth or to your womb. Balances masculine & feminine energies.

See the description of the health benefits in the picture gallery.

How can the herbs be used:

  • As an iced or hot tea
  • As a vaginal steam treatment
  • As a douche, vaginal suppository
  • As an enema
  • As an herbal detox bath
  • In spiritual rituals
  • As fragrance in the home

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