Health & Wellness Products

The Womb Sauna's health and wellness product line is based on our unique TRIPLE POTENCY formula. All herbs are infused with gemstone and flower essences allowing you to not only experience the healing of your body but also metaphysical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing benefits as well. Each herbal blend is carefully hand-crafted with tons of love and prayer to support the intention of healing and rejuvenation of your mind, body, and spirit. All of our herbs come from a distributor that ensures the highest quality of our products. All herbs are Certified Organic, Wildharvested, and Cultivated without Chemicals. Descriptions of these qualities are below:

Certified Organic- Grown, harvested and processed without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, GMO's, synthetic chemicals, growth agents, and free from irradiation and chemical sterilization. All certified organic materials are certified though OTCO, a USDA accredited third party certification agency. (Certificates available upon request)

Wildharvested- Items gathered from their natural environment, such as woodlands, prairies, deserts etc. All wildharvested items are taken to separate facilities for further processing. All wildharvested items gathered and contracted for our distributor must sign a preliminary "Wild Take Audit" to insure that materials are sustainably gathered with a no more than 10% take, and that the plants are re-seeded or roots are left to re-stock native populations.

Cultivated Without Chemicals- Grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, GMO's, synthetic chemicals, and free from irradiation and chemical sterilization. Unlike materials sold as certified organic, our growers of these materials have not had their operations certified through a third party certification agency, but they have acknowledged the rejection of the aforementioned growing methods. All items listed as "Cultivated Without Chemicals" have been tested free from pesticide, organophosphate, and carbamate residues through our laboratory.

If you have an allergy or contraindication concern about using any particular herbs please e-mail the name of the herbs that you have a concern about and we will let you know if we use those herbs in any of our products and custom blend options are available if necessary for an additional cost. Our e-mail is