Spirit Baby Reading

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Experience the power of Pre-Birth Communication!

  • Master the fear of “unplanned” or “later in life” pregnancy
  • Understand your challenges with infertility
  • Overcome chronic miscarriages and at-risk pregnancy
  • Build your parenting confidence through spiritual communication with your child
  • Resolve guilt and shame from abortions
  • Where is my baby’s daddy? Resolve partnership issues
  • Learn how to nourish your baby’s spirit while in the womb

What is a Spirit Baby Reading?

A spirit baby reading is a sacred opportunity to connect with your child in the spiritual realm. RevHigh Priestess Thema Azize Serwa allows herself to be a conduit to connet you to God and your child and gain clarity about the process of conception and parenting. This can be accomplisehd through meditation, prayer, and incorporates the use of spiritual tools.

Clients prepare for this experience by wearing all white and bringing a white candle to honor the sacredness of this experience and the joy of it!

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